“Iceland” reflexion game Music.

Here is the latest soundtrack made for a casual reflexion game :

it’s a very minimalistic piece, with really cool and relaxed electro synths, fresh rythmics patterns, divised in three

The theme opens up with the Jingle Bells rythmic signature as a funny reference to the polar spheres. Then the arpeggio-like pattern leading the whole track comes in.

the second part is smooth and mysterious. like a discovery of icy wonders. then the intro comes back.

The third one is more adventurous and shows a climatic melodic build up. It expresses the harsh climbing of cold and perilous heights.

then the outro is played and resumes to the introduction theme :


Mythology-Reversi Game

An ancient Greek theme introduces the piece, with antic instruments pace… Then the orchestral dramatic part takes off : the sounds and instruments are more “Hollywoodian” cliché, with the percussions, the pacing trombones and the seducing violins..but the “Sanctus” samples emphasise the sanctity of the track.
Then the slow arpeggios of harp become the main narrator, leading the listener through the various moods of the melody: sometimes mystically respectful – sometimes mysteriously dark and vengeful !
The themes are changing often, evolving one from another to dissolve boredom. thus the main mood and spirit of the piece remain together as a whole.

“Sanctuuus” !!!

NB : Yes ! “Arpeggios of harp” is redundant, as “Arpeggios” comes from the Italian word “arpeggiare”, which means “to play on a harp” (wiki)

Branding : Sound Design

These were some of the versions of audio branding tests I made for my Company’s Logo.

We wanted to insert in our marketing videos and ads a fresh and modern Identity. So these versions are quite soft with a little touch of electro sounds mixed with classical acoustic percussions.

As we are in a “VideoGame” Studio, I added some funny elements introducing the essential value of “Playing” :  so there are some discreet “cartoonish” SFXs also noticable : the squeaks of a baloon for the falling of the Yellow ‘ToolTip’, or the little splashing bubbles at the end of the sequence, when the graphical elements are popping out…

This whole of little adjustments and layerings offers a stylish; soft; yet funny Identity, which I think is pretty suitable for the Brand…

So much Talking, for such a short time sequence (And I could go on much longer… ^__^ )



BlackJack Game Music !

Another Jazzy-Lounge track, with a really cool but unsettling vibe. the bass is relaxing while the metallophone is intriguing mysteriously throughout the whole piece. the swinging rhythmic elements keep the pace alongside some discreet trumpets and clarinets ornamenting the basis of the track. I find this one kind of sensual warm and organic, Like a caress, or a soft whisper to the ear…Enjoy this one !!!

Brix Fusion (BreakOut game) Music !!!

A breakOut Game Music. the Contrast between the high tech elements and the prehistoric cave atmosphere is rendered by mixing Orchestral and Electronic instruments :
this Subterranean piece mixes deep sub basses; huge Lead-Basses with smooth yet dark build ups of strings and horns…On the rythmic side, the loud ‘ethno’ percussions are evolving into an electro beat. The Tension created into fire, goes up and down, then dissolves in hellish flames Sfx..

Enjoy the heat !!! ^^

“Babel Words” game Music

“Babel Words” is a Scrabble-like game where the player must find the proper number of words, with a specific combination of letters. the pace is quiet and suitable for reflection. the style is a babylonian and mysterious mood. The sounds are classical-orchestral, with lots of harps arpeggios, cellos pizzicati, chimes and mystical percussions…